My Australian adventure – episode 3

Alice Springs to Darwin – September 2006

ALICE SPRINGS, 15.09.2006 – According to my plans I was to reach Cairns and then fly back to Sydney, but things didn’t go this way. So here I am, in Alice Springs! I so much loved moving from one place to another one, meeting new people from every part of the world, hearing their stories and their experiences, that I’ve decided to make my trip last a little bit longer! Last week I flew here from Cairns and then went on a bus trip to visit Kata Tjuta, Watarrka, and Uluru, three different Aboriginal places. It was absolutely sensational! I could feel a shift in the energy when I was there, there was someting special, something sacred that cannot be defined or described. I remember sleeping in tents at night and feeling as if I was invading a land that wasn’t mine, that had been inhabited by Aboriginals for centuries and still had a very strong undeniable connection with them. These places definitely have a magical presence that captures the true essence of the Australian Outback, wow!

DARWIN, 20.09.2006 – Straight roads, red dirt, bushes, and no one around to be seen. This was the journey from Alice Springs to Darwin. I stopped at Devil’s Marbles (another sacred place, part of the Aboriginal Dreamtime stories) and Mataranka, where we had a dip in its lovely warm springs!

DARWIN, 29.09.2006 – It’s the end of the dry season up here, still a good time of the year to explore the parks of the Top End, Lichtfield National Park and Kakadu National Park with their stunning waterfalls and waterholes. And that’s what I’ve just come back from, a 4 day trip in one of the wildest places in Australia…and crocoldile land! I must admit I wasn’t feeling comfortable swimming in those deep waterholes, but I kept repeating to myself: “Come on, it’s the end of the dry season and hundreds of tourists have already swum in here. If there was a crocodile, it would have surely eaten one of them, it can’t possibly be waiting for me, right?”. This was my motivation!

My Australian adventure – episode 2

Brisbane to Cape Tribulation – June to September 2006

RAINBOW BEACH, 21.06.2006 – Winter has arrived in the Southern hemisphere and in Sydney temperatures were definitely way too cold for someone like me (many houses in Sydney have no heating system, something that leaves us Europeans puzzled). So here I am, migrating North like whales! Last week ago I flew to Brisbane. I have planned to travel up the East Coast by bus and reach Cairns and then fly back to Sydney. Noosa on the Sunshine Coast was the first stop of my journey. Here are the northernmost beaches where surfers can find waves. Approximately from that point upwards the ocean becomes calm because of the Great Barrier Reef. Yesterday I arrived in Rainbow Beach and I can now say that I’ve officially switched my mind into “traveller mode”, from this moment onwards it will just be me and my journey, me and this amazing Australian nature!

FRASER ISLAND, 23.06.2006 – Last week I met a group of people who were going to rent a 4WD and explore Fraser Island. I decided to join them, it was so much fun! Finally I was in the wild, cooking on a campfire, sleeping in a swag on the beach with the sound of the ocean keeping me company. I also saw my first dingo there!

AIRLIE BEACH, 05.07.2006 – I’ve just come back from a tour on a sailing boat to explore the Whitsundays, a paradise on earth. I knew already that they were one of the most beautiful places in the world, but when I saw them I couldn’t believe my eyes. Those pristine white sandy beaches have left me absolutely speechless!

BOWEN, 28.07.2006 – I was running out of money so I’ve decided to stop here for some fruit picking. The hostel where I stay has found a job for me. First I was employed in a farm picking tomatoes, aubergines, and capsicums. I was paid a few dollars for each bucket I filled. It was so tiring! So now I am employed in a shed where I have to strip and pack corns. It is such a boring job, all day standing doing the same things over and over in a noisy shed. I have to resist though, at least for a couple of months as I need money if I want to keep travelling. A funny thing happened to me last week. I was being driven to work on a bus one morning while listening to an Italian radio station. They had been broadcasting the final match of the World Cup and Italy had won the World Cup. I was feeling so happy! I kept picturing all the people in Italy celebrating in the streets…I so much wanted to be there but instead I had a whole day with tomatoes ahead of me!

CAIRNS, 29.08.2006 – It’s late August and I am back on the road. From Bowen to Cairns to visit the Daintree forest, a spectacular rain forest with lush vegetation…and crocodiles! I went on a tour on a boat the other day, I enjoyed it but I must admit that I didn’t feel at ease until I was back on the mainland.

CAPE TRIBULATION, 08.09.2006 – I’ve  decided to push myself further up and I’ve reached Port Douglas and finally Cape Tribulation. It’s getting wilder and wilder up here and I love it! The beaches are just mine, I couldn’t ask for more. I am feeling so connected with the nature surrounding me!

My Australian adventure – episode 1

Sydney – January to June 2006

TREVISO, 20.01.2006 – I can’t wait to leave for Australia, can’t wait to see what that part of the world is like. I don’t know what to expect, for me it’s all a big exciting adventure on the other side of the world. For the last few years I’ve been working in different holiday villages and it’s been fantastic, now I just want to find some time for myself, just for myself. I cannot imagine my life in Italy, I don’t fit in here. It is boring, crowded, too cold and grey in the winter, and people are always complaining and never satisfied. Apparently Australia isn’t much populated and finding a job such as fruit picking is very easy. That’s exactly what I need, a job outdoor with no need to interact with other people!

SYDNEY, 28.01.2006 – Finally, after a two day airplane journey, I have arrived in Sydney! It is late in the evening, I’ve just landed and the taxi driver is driving me to my accommodation…it’s dark outside but I can see lush vegetation everywhere and the air is humid. I have left the cold Italian winter to find the warm Australian summer, nice. But I feel so confused…

SYDNEY, 05.02.20106 – I’m staying in a studio in Kings Cross. These days I’ve been looking for a sharehouse as living in a studio is way too expensive. I’ve been checking notice boards in hostels but it’s difficult for me to work out where I want to live. Sydney is incredibly huge, and everything here is so big! Roads, bridges, squares, gardens, buidings, they all seems to have been built for giants!

SYDNEY, 11.02.2006 – I’ve moved into a beautiful house in Bondi. I share the house with other travellers like me, from different parts of the world…Spain, Canada, France, UK, Ireland. It is a melting-pot of young people, not sure what they are in Australia for, but certain that it is the right place to be! The house is a constant coming and going of backpackers. Funny how in Italy we lock all doors even if there’s no one around and here there’s plenty of strangers everyday and the doors are always unlocked (or sometimes even open!). I find it extremely fascinating, we all trust each other, we all respect each other, we are all here for the same adventure. Every evening new friends arrive, and everyone cooks their own way and speaks English with a different accent. We all share our stories and our experiences, someone works on the road, someone works in a restaurant, someone else in a shop, and there are even students!

SYDNEY, 23.02.2009 – I’ve found a job as a childcare assistant, yay! At least I’m not going to be a waiter, I hate waitressing! I work 3-4 days a week and spend my free time exploring Sydney, such a vibrant and diverse city! What I love about this city is the contrast between civilisation and nature. One minute I can be in the middle of the noisy and crowded city, one hour later I can be walking along the cliffs, admiring the wide and wild ocean.

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