My Australian adventure – episode 12

Darwin – February to December 2012

DARWIN, 04.03.2012 – I love it here, this place is so wild! I live in a beautiful house with a swimming pool (many houses in Darwin have one), with a lot of green lush tropical vegetation around. I have to say that Darwin’s weather is quite challenging. The wet season with its high temperatures and extremely high levels of humidity is really putting my body and my mind to the test. Moreover, the university course is so intense and so demanding. They rely a lot on the internet and I feel hopeless…everything is online and I am not used to all this. It’s going to be a tough year, but let’s not worry too much now, one thing at a time.

DARWIN, 20.04.2012 – Things are much more difficult than what I expected, I miss my family and my friends so much. Sometimes I feel so sad and I would love to get some support, someone who cooks for me, someone who listens to my worries, someone who makes me think of other things. Assignments to submit, books to read, deadlines…my mind is never relaxed!

Luckily, I spend my free time riding my bike in the bush or at the beach with Mala, my flatmates’ dog. When she swims in the ocean I always worry that a crocodile might get her! You cannot swim in the water here, it is not safe at all, especially in this season when the water levels rise and salties might reach the sea and be lurking in the water. Scary! See? I can never totally relax!

DARWIN, 10.06.2012 – I’ve just booked a flight to Italy, I need a break. And I also need money! So I’m going to be working in an English summer camp while I am there, moneywise it will be a relief. No holidays for me this year, I’m afraid!

DARWIN, 15.07.2012 – I’ve managed to find another place to stay. When I was in Italy my previous flatmates told me that I couldn’t stay there any longer, so I’ve been looking for another house since I came back to Australia. It’s been so stressful! By the end of the month I’ll start teaching at school and I’m a bit nervous. Apparently, this is one of the toughest schools in Darwin…

DARWIN, 04.09.2012 – At school I have to deal with children who come from a low socio-economical background, sometimes neglected by parents, sometimes difficult to handle. It’s not easy at all. Also, here children do not use textbooks and teachers have to plan their lessons from scratch, following a curriculum I am not familiar with. I keep being told “If you can teach at Millner, you can teach anywhere” by the other teachers…yes, right. Sometimes I feel so lonely and so worried, but I want to complete my studies at all costs.

DARWIN, 26.10.2012 – The build-up has arrived. It’s the season that precedes the wet season, when the humidity reaches its maximum levels and temperatures are constantly about 30°. I only have to resist another couple of months and then I will be back in Italy eating tortellini, pizza, gnocchi, lasagne, and panettone! This thought is what keeps me going.

DARWIN, 05.11.2012 – That’s it! I’ve managed to get a Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning. Yes, I am a primary school teacher now!

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