My Australian adventure – episode 11

Yass – December 2011 to February 2012

YASS, 13.12.2011 – I’m having the best time of my life! I spend all day looking after horses. I don’t get to ride as much as I would like as these are pretty wild horses, but still. It’s all day grooming them, feeding them, taking them for a swim in the pond, chasing them sometimes (they tend to be a bit rebellious when you are in their paddock and you try to get them!). There are also three big dogs here, and a cat. Susan, the woman who owns this place, lives here on her own and she always hosts volunteers to help her keep the place tidy and look after the animals. We always have meals alltogether and in the evening we all go to bed quite early. There aren’t any other houses around here, the nearest pub is in town and you need a car to get there. Mind you, I am enjoying these quiet nights sitting outside and simply watching the stars!

YASS, 26.12.2011 – It’s Christmas, and it’s summer. So weird! This is my third Christmas downunder. Yesterday we had a big lunch alltogether and everyone cooked something from their own country. There are volunteers from UK, from France, and from Sweden. It was a nice Christmas day although I kept thinking of all the delicious food that my family would be eating in Italy and all the gatherings that I was missing out. What’s Christmas without lasagne, arrosto di maiale, tortellini, panettone, pandoro, muset… (and looooong discussions about politics)?

By the way, there will be no big party for New Year’s Eve because nearly everybody is leaving to go to see the fireworks in Sydney. I saw them a couple of years ago so it’s going to be a quite “Welcome 2012!” for me.

YASS, 16.01.2012 – Today I spent the day riding a quad up and down the hills and it was so much fun. It’s not too difficult as you don’t need to worry about the traffic or driving on the wrong side of the road. Also, I’ve learned to drive a big four-wheel drive with a manual gearbox. I never thought I would be able to do it and now I feel very proud of myself. I sometimes go to town for some shopping which is not that complicated anyway as the town is not very big.

YASS, 21.01.2012 – This evening we took the ponies out. We’re trying to get them used to respond to long reins because Susan wants to put a harness on them eventually. I’ve learnt how to harness the ponies for driving, but I must admit that when we are out for some exercise, it all becomes quite difficult. My pony’s name is Pumpkin and he always stops because he wants to eat!!! The other pony is a mini stallion, and his name is Stunner. He is such a character! He’s always neighing and making sure that everybody knows that he’s coming. By the way, because there is still no harness, we have to run…I have found my way to keep fit!

YASS, 31.01.2012 – I’ve booked my flight to Darwin, just a few more days and I’ll be in the Tropics, with the wet season to its fullest. Initially I will be staying in a hostel, and then we’ll see. Hopefully I’ll find a sharehouse within a few days. I am a bit over hostels, I’ve had enough of sharing my room with people that I don’t know, sometimes noisy, sometimes stinky, sometimes messy. Now I want my own space, I need it.

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