My Australian adventure – episode 10

Sydney – August to December 2011

TREVISO, 03.07.2011 – That’s it, I’ve booked my flight to Sydney. I want to find a way to stay in Australia forever, I cannot see myself living here in Italy, no way. I want to live in the bush, with horses and wild nature around me. And I want to be able to wear summer clothes all year round…and go to the beach! No more cold grey Italian winters for me, thank you. I’ve planned to stay in Sydney for a few weeks until I find out a way to migrate to Australia permanently.

SYDNEY, 10.09.2011 – Sydney is a big city, and big cities are not really my cup of tea. It takes me so long to travel from one place to another one and the weather hasn’t been great lately as it’s always raining. I have to admit that my life is not super exciting at the moment. I always plan to go out at the weekends but in the end I’m too tired and lazy to do it. I share the flat with Francesca (another Italian girl), and a young couple (Monica from Italy and her boyfriend from Mexico). Luckily, sometimes they invite some friends over for dinner and it’s so nice to have a chat all together and share our experiences! We’re all a bit confused about our future, but at the same time we’re all ready to challenge ourselves and see what happens. Everyone should be given the chance to live and work in a foreign country for a period of their life, I believe it can only be extremely useful and enriching.

SYDNEY, 14.11.2011 – I’ve decided to enrol in a course in Darwin and get a qualification as a teacher. It seems that a Grad Dip will help me get a permanent visa one day. Darwin is not a huge city and, more than anything else, it’s never cold! There are just two seasons, the dry season (from May until October), and the wet season (from November to April). I am looking forward to starting this new adventure. Darwin is still in my heart, it’s all so wild up there and I believe it suits me! However, university courses here in Australia don’t start until February and I therefore have a few months left before moving to Darwin. I am now looking for a job with horses, I absolutely need to detox from the city lifestyle.

SYDNEY, 03.12.2011 – It’s my last day here in Sydney, tomorrow I will travel to Yass and work and live in a ranch. They need someone to look after the horses and ride them, it’s going to be a lot of fun! I will have to say goodbye to my friends here and I feel a bit sorry, but the time has come for me to move on and take a step into the unknown again.

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