My Australian adventure – episode 9

Kimberley WA and Byron Bay – September 2008 to January 2009

EL QUESTRO STATION, 14.09.2008 – I’ve finished working in the Steakhouse (the campsite restaurant) and I’m now helping the girl who looks after the horses, Kate. I don’t get paid for it, but I can stay here for free. Last week they took here six thoroughbreads. They are all ex-race horses and get scared even when they see a butterfly. That’s why they can’t put visitors on them for now, it’s too dangerous. I get to ride them everyday, we take them into the bush and show them its spooky creatures (well, that’s how horses see them!). I love it. Sometimes I’m a bit scared too, like the other day. We went out for a ride with three horses, it was me, Kate and Tom, a cowboy who’s used to riding rodeo horses. We bumped into wild cattle. And there was this bull staring at us ready to charge us. We stopped and Tom said in the most relaxed manner: “Look at him, he’s a crazy bull, look at him. If he starts charging us, just go and gallop!”. Helloooooo?!?!?!? As if it was a normal thing to do for me…gallopping on an ex-race horse in the middle of the bush on an uneven ground full of trees and shrubs. Luckily nothing happened and I am still alive.

DIGGER’S REST, 05.10.2008 – I’m here visiting my friend Rita for a few days before heading back to Byron Bay. This morning we went mustering, what a great experience! We went out on very well trained horses and took the cattle in. I didn’t have much to do as my horse knew perfectly what he had to do and everytime he would see a cow moving away from the herd, he would start chasing it with me on his back wondering what was going on.

DIGGER’S REST, 08.10.20008 – This place is truly spectacular…land of cows, crocodiles, snakes, horses, kangaroos, birds, boab trees, red earth. I sleep in a swag , all alone with only the sky and its stars to keep me company. And what a sky…I guess this is one of the best places on earth where you can admire the sky in all its “unfiltered” natural beauty. I couldn’t ask for more, I feel blessed.

BYRON BAY, 10.11.2008 – That’s it, I’m back to the wild empty stunning beaches. I’ve found a job as a cleaner (a hotel right in front of the beach) so that in the morning I work and in the afternoon I can go to the beach. It’s the perfect life. The only but huge problem I have here are visitors at night. They all want to come and say “Hello!” but they aren’t welcome at all. Cockraoaches and huntsman spiders in particular seem to love me so much that they cannot stay more than one night without coming to see me. I am terrified by these insects, so terrified that I walk around the house constantly checking the walls. Fortunately, this time of the year there’s also a spectacular show on. Whales have arrived and everyday I walk to the lighthouse and enjoy their natural shows, the best shows I have ever seen in my life! It is nice to see them playing in the water. I sometimes wish I was a whale, they have no idea of how crazy life on the mainland can be!

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