My Australian adventure – episode 8

Kimberley WA – August to October 2008

EL QUESTRO STATION, 11.08.2008 – And finally here I am, at El Questro Station. I came here as a volunteer and the agreement was a few hours of work a day in exchange for full board and accommodation. However, that didn’t last long as they needed a kitchenhand at the Steakhouse (the campsite restaurant) and I asked if I could take the job. I enjoy working with the team, we laugh a lot. The only thing I don’t like is that I work until late at night and I often find myself alone washing pots and pans. My motivation is the strikingly beautiful night sky waiting for me…I’ve never seen so many stars and the Milky Way is clearly visible. We often sit all together to watch this natural wonder and chat about our days at the station.

I am sleeping in a tent, but I was told I will be moved into a “donga” as soon as there’s one available as temperatures are increasing and it is going to be too hot in the tent. I like sleeping ia a tent, though, it makes you feel deeply connected with this wild and poweful Aboriginal land.

EL QUESTRO STATION, 27.08.2008 – In my free time I explore waterfalls and gorges. It is a magic atmosphere. Some of them can be reached walking, others can only be reached by helicopter, or “chopper” as they call it over here. This morning I had my first flight, such a weird feeling. The helicopter was so small and there were no doors! I mean, no doors! Just a plain seatbelt to keep you “safe”. And it’s not like flying by plane at all, because the helicopter is not stable and moves a lot. Anyway, I’ve survived and I can now say that it was worth the experience! One of my favourite places is definitely Zebedee springs, a series of warm waterholes…I love going there at sunset. We also went there at night once, it was soooo dark that we nearly got lost.

Oh, they also have horses here! I often go for a ride, I reckon that exploring the area on a horseback is probably one of the best ways. No noise, just you, your horse, and the nature around you. We ride in the middle of the bush and sometimes I’m worried about snakes. Yet I was told that snakes can feel the vibrations in the ground from far away and they keep off. I want to believe that.

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