My Australian adventure – episode 7

Byron Bay – February to July 2008

TREVISO, 20.01.2008 – Yaaaaaay! I’ve been granted a second working holiday visa so off we go, Australia I’m coming! My dream has come true…

BYRON BAY, 22.02.2008 – I cannot believe that I am here in Australia again, and in Byron Bay! This place is absolutely enchanting. I missed the ocean and its waves, the peaceful long walks on the beach, the squeaky sand, and the kookabarra laugh! It’s my first day here and I feel overwhelmed by emotions! Now I need to make some plans…I don’t want to travel, I’ve already been almost everywhere in Australia therefore I think I will stay here for a while. But we’ll see.

BYRON BAY, 03.04.2008 – I’ve found a room in a beautiful share house on top of a hill not far from Tallow Beach. At night I can hear the ocean from my bedroom…priceless! And I’ve also found a job as a cleaner at a caravan park. I get to clean the bungalows that are right at the beach so I can admire the ocean even while I’m working! I work in the morning, and go to the beach in the afternoon. I like spending time with myself and just chilling out. But at the week-end I always go to concerts and gigs at the Beach Hotel or the Railway. There is such a joyful atmosphere, everybody dances and has fun. This is something I will always admire about Australians, their social life is always so rich and entertaining!

BYRON BAY, 26.06.2008 – It’s getting a bit chilly down here and maybe the time has come for me to take a break from Byron Bay (this sounds non sense, I know!). The thing is…I want to be in the wilderness, I want to see more of the untouched Australia. Last week I contacted El Questro station in the Kimberley and apparently they are always looking for volunteers…very very interesting indeed.

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