My Australian adventure – episode 6

East Coast, Brisbane to Sydney – December 2006 to January 2007

NELSON BAY, 14.12.2006 – When I flew back to Brisbane from Perth, I put an ad on the notice board of the hostel where I was staying because I needed a lift to Sydney. I met a German guy who had a van and decided to travel with him. I still hadn’t experienced a trip on a van, awesome! We stopped at Gold Coast, and also in Byron Bay where I saw dolphins for the first time. That vision really touched my heart…wild and free playing in the water, how wonderful. Then we continued travelling South, it was all about waking up every morning, getting off the van and enjoying the view of those spectacular wild pristine beaches. Nelson Bay with its sand dunes is the last stop before I get to Sydney. The hostel here is very nice, we have koalas in the garden! At night it’s all a busy coming and going and we can hear them making their calls…I didn’t even know that koalas could emit a sound!

GREAT OCEAN ROAD, 07.01.2007 – After a super crowded New Year’s Eve in Sydney I travelled to Melbourne. I didn’t stay long there, I have become a bit allergic to big cities recently. Anyway, now I am travelling along The Great Ocean Road, I couldn’t possibly fly back to Italy without ticking it off my list. The ocean, the views, the powerful nature…what a trip! These are the last few days for me in Australia and I feel so sad. I don’t want to leave Australia, my heart is totally broken. I’ll be back to the European winter and it’s going to be dark, cold, grey. The only thought that makes me feel better is that I know that I’ll find a way to come back, I’m sure I will!

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