My Australian adventure – episode 5

Coral Bay to Esperance – October to December 2006

KALBARRI, 21.10.2006 – Last week I arrived in Kalbarri and visited the Kalbarri National Park. Nature here is incredibly beautiful, wild, inspiring. Australians do not understand how lucky they are to be living in such an amazing place. The only thing I hated were flies, there were thousands of them and they would not leave me alone! I was then supposed to continue my trip down to Perth, but I actually ended up staying here a bit longer. There was a notice on the board of the hostel which said: We are looking for experienced riders who can look after the horses and can take visitors out for a ride. I couldn’t resist, I rang them straight away. So here I am, in this peaceful lovely ranch sharing my life with horses, cockatoos, kangaroos, emus, a cat (Wingy is her name) that sleeps in my bedroom, and a small funny dog. In the morning I go out in the bush and I call the horses in to feed them. In the afternoon I saddle them up and off we go for a ride. There are about 30 of them, and there is a male “boss”, Beau, and a female “boss”, Millie. She is my favourite because she has a strong personality, just like me!

KALBARRY, 25.10.2006 – This morning I found such a strange creature just outside my bedroom door. It was a mixture between a lizard and a snake, but without a tail. It was so weird. I couldn’t understand if it was a deformed reptile or a proper creature itself. Later in the day, the ranch owner told me that they are called blue-tongue lizards and that they aren’t dangerous. New discoveries. Also, I’ve learned that I always have to check my boots before putting them on…I got really scared the other day because, as I put my foot into the boot, I felt someting soft and cold. I shouted and took out my foot immediately. It was just frog, but I was told to be careful as it could have been a spider or, even worse, a snake!

PERTH, 14.11.2006 – Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and, after litres and litres of teardrops, I finally left Kalbarri, heading South. On my way to Perth I stopped at a beautiful beach which wasn’t made of sand but shells! And I also stopped at the Pinnacles, amazing natural limestone structures that were formed thousands of years ago, after the sea receded and left deposits of sea shells.

ESPERANCE, 25.11.2006 – The South West coast of Australia is impressively beautiful. Margaret River, Augusta, Albany, all great spots. But when I arrived here I thought : “My Gosh, Australia never finishes to surprise me!”. The crystal-clear water of these strikingly white, squeaky, sandy beaches was better than a swimming pool! And the sand, it’s like flour!

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