My Australian adventure – episode 4

Darwin to Coral Bay – September to October 2006

80 MILE BEACH, 03.10.2006 – When I was in Darwin I realised that I just couldn’t stop travelling and opted for the big lap of Australia. So off I went to explore the West Coast. I celebrated my 28th birthday on the bus, travelling from Darwin to Kununurra. What a night! I got woken up a few times by a big bang. At the beginning I couldn’t understand what it was, but I soon realised that each bang meant that a kangaroo had been hit…it was like being in a video game, “hit the kangaroo!”. I actually felt so sorry for them…but apparently this is something that happens regularly on these roads.

80 mile beach is a wild beach that, as the name indicates, stretches for 80 miles. The West Coast seems to be much wilder than the East coast, not a lot of tourists around and not a lot of towns along the coast either. I was told that, besides crocodiles, these waters also are infested by fish stones. If you accidentally step on one of them, they will inject their venom deep inside your foot and this will cause severe pain, heart failure and even death if left untreated. I had never heard of it before, as if the list of Australian deadly animals hadn’t been long enough!

KARIJINI NATIONAL PARK, 05.10.2006 – Yesterday I visited Karijkini National Park, undoubtedly one of the highlights of Western Australia so far, with its waterfalls, its waterholes, its canyons, and its red rocks. Again, I could feel the power of this land, being inhabited by Aboriginal people for centuries. And while hiking I could just hear the sound of water and the birds singing…their concerts are something that cannot go unnoticed when you are in Australia!

CORAL BAY, 09.10.2006 – This morning I went on a boat trip. We went to see manta rays near the reef. I didn’t resist long in the water when I saw them…they were swimming too fast and I couldn’t keep up with them! Also, the snorkel didn’t help because I couldn’t breathe properly and the water was chilly, way too chilly for me! It was only when they took us to more tranquil waters and I met turtles that I started feeling at ease. Swimming with them was so much fun! The beaches here are wild and you can ride a quad for kilom etres without bumping into any sort of civilization. It makes you feel like you are the only human being left on earth!

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