My Australian adventure – episode 3

Alice Springs to Darwin – September 2006

ALICE SPRINGS, 15.09.2006 – According to my plans I was to reach Cairns and then fly back to Sydney, but things didn’t go this way. So here I am, in Alice Springs! I so much loved moving from one place to another one, meeting new people from every part of the world, hearing their stories and their experiences, that I’ve decided to make my trip last a little bit longer! Last week I flew here from Cairns and then went on a bus trip to visit Kata Tjuta, Watarrka, and Uluru, three different Aboriginal places. It was absolutely sensational! I could feel a shift in the energy when I was there, there was someting special, something sacred that cannot be defined or described. I remember sleeping in tents at night and feeling as if I was invading a land that wasn’t mine, that had been inhabited by Aboriginals for centuries and still had a very strong undeniable connection with them. These places definitely have a magical presence that captures the true essence of the Australian Outback, wow!

DARWIN, 20.09.2006 – Straight roads, red dirt, bushes, and no one around to be seen. This was the journey from Alice Springs to Darwin. I stopped at Devil’s Marbles (another sacred place, part of the Aboriginal Dreamtime stories) and Mataranka, where we had a dip in its lovely warm springs!

DARWIN, 29.09.2006 – It’s the end of the dry season up here, still a good time of the year to explore the parks of the Top End, Lichtfield National Park and Kakadu National Park with their stunning waterfalls and waterholes. And that’s what I’ve just come back from, a 4 day trip in one of the wildest places in Australia…and crocoldile land! I must admit I wasn’t feeling comfortable swimming in those deep waterholes, but I kept repeating to myself: “Come on, it’s the end of the dry season and hundreds of tourists have already swum in here. If there was a crocodile, it would have surely eaten one of them, it can’t possibly be waiting for me, right?”. This was my motivation!

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